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  1. http://www.time4vps.eu
    CPU - 5ghz
    RAM - 8GB
    STORAGE - 320GB
    Bandwidth - 4.5tb
    Would that be big enough to run maybe a big 150+ bungee network. Also are these vpns host good? Never used them before what are your guys experience using a minecraft server with them?
  2. I would use ovh.com if your trying host your bungee.
  3. DDOS protection and the VPS SSD 1 plan would be great for a bungee with the 2gb ram and that 100/100 network.
  4. joehot200


    The host is lying. There are no CPUs in existence with 5GHZ.

    Would not recommend purchasing.
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  5. It's certainly possible, but not on a server processor (Xeon or Opteron). In fact, even if you were to get a desktop CPU to 5GHZ, you'd obviously need to overclock it pretty good unless you have an FX9590 or an i7-4790k.

    This looks like a scam. Also, no way would they charge 33.60 for the max settings.
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