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  1. since i have papaer 1.14.4 this keeps happening:
    Error messages, that say that "this is not a paper issue, this is not a bug or a glitch.
    when the server crashes alot of error messages appear and it seems to be just a lagg that the server is walking behind, but it syas "there is no startup script" How to make one? Im using a macbook btw and im hosting at Shockbyte.com. Is there a solution to fix that this never happens? No time outs ever agian.
  2. you cant on a hosted server
  3. how can i solve it that the server stops crahsing the whole time? its getting annoying
  4. Without any logs or crash reports we cannot help you

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  6. Can u tell me if u can open that file
  7. I did open it and honestly I cant tell whats wrong. Should run a timings for half a hour of something
  8. How do you mean?
  9. Try using a spigotmc.org server.
    It could be that Shockbyte.com does not understand how to use your server fork.
    Check the control panel at Shockbyte.youraccount or ask them for some configuration help.
  10. i solved it myself finally, thanks :)