Timed permissions

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  1. How to add timed permission like fly for 1 hour in Superbvote? Please help
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  2. Depends on what permission plugin you're using. If you're using LuckPerms or PermissionsEX that's supported.
  3. Um GroupManager , can i do that?
  4. nope, I suggest that you use LuckPerms since GroupManager is outdated
  5. but then i need create new ranks
  6. My PermissionTimer plugins was made for this sort.
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  7. Strahan


    Yea.. but you'll be on a permissions platform that is not woefully outdated. A little effort is worth the payoff. It wouldn't even be that hard to write a script to do it.

    EDIT: That's not even necessary. LuckPerms can import from GroupManager :)
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  8. But can i use essentials or i have to use essentialsX
  9. you can migrate your permissions from GroupManager to LuckPerms with a simple command, check this for more infos https://github.com/lucko/LuckPerms/wiki/Migration

    EDIT: oh I didn't see your msg Strahan, too fast x)
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  10. Strahan


    You can use whatever you wish. LuckPerms doesn't care what plugins you have, it's just a permissions manager.
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  11. EssentialsX is not a permission plugin.
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  12. You don't. This is my essay on LuckPerms.

    Download LuckPerms v5 for SPIGOT here: LuckPerms | An advanced permissions plugin | Spigot (Click)

    Migrating to LuckPerms without making new stuff:

    Take a look at your old commands and switching to LuckPerms' commands:

    Add Prefixes:

    Timed permissions:

    Other notes: Don't change "default" rank to Member, it will lead to tons of weird problems and confusion.