Spigot Timed Scripts 1.0 b30

Execute commands correctly timed independently from server lag!

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    TimedScripts - Execute commands correctly timed independently from server lag!

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  2. So, can you let the script perform a command from any plugin at a day-time you set before?
  3. Phoenix616

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    No, it can only execute command a specified certain duration after starting the script. For running commands at a specific time of the day I suggest using cronjobs.
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  4. cronjobs is a plugin, too?
  5. Phoenix616

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    No, cron is a program that should run on every linux distribution that lets you execute so called cronjobs at certain times and intervals.
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  6. thank you. I wan´t to do the server-command: /hello
    What do i have to do for that to work? How do i create that script? The script-folder is emty after starten the server.

    And how do i start the script at 11.00 pm? Does cronjob has to copy the script-file in the script-folder at this time?
  7. Phoenix616

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    Please read the description page of the plugin. It's explained there how you can create and edit scripts.

    You have to execute the script run command in your server's console. How to do this depends on how your server is running. E.g. with screen you would just stuff it into the screen with screen -rd screename -X stuff "command^M".
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  8. o.k., danke - so i have to get a program(which can handly daytimes) get access to the server-console.