Spigot TimedItems 1.0.3

Expirable items | + Holograms support

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    TimedItems - Items are now expirable! | Holograms support

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    TimedItems v1.0.3

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  3. PawPawDude


    Cool idea. Wondering, does the plugin allow you to specify a "remaining time" before the countdown begins to appear. It might be preferable to having the countdown timer showing all the time an item is in the world. Put another way, only show the countdown timer when there's less than 15 seconds remaining.

    Another question, some of us use a plugin that shows a hologram of the item's name over it. How would the countdown timer appear in that scenario? Would it overwrite the name, or be superimposed on the same line, or (in the best situation) appear on a separate line? :) I know, probably tricky because you don't know what's already being displayed as a holo, no?

  4. 1. The countdown timer will show all the time units (you can edit the units in config.yml). Also, you said "only showing the timer if less than certain time"..I though this is a good idea to implement in the next update :d
    2. I haven't tested this case yet. I know there are a few "item holo" plugins on this forum. I predict there will be 2 lines belong to 2 different armor stand (or they can be overlapped). If u can give me the link to the plugin, I may find a way to support that plugin, otherwise, two armor stand may cause lag to the server...
  5. PawPawDude


    Thanks for clarifying. So you can test the what-if of two plugins providing holos over an item, check out HoloDrops @ https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/holodrops.46420/

    Yes, two armor stands, but at what vertical alignment? Looking forward to your findings. :)
  6. (I surprised after saw HoloDrops has no armor stand uses at all) so it's fine to use along with this plugin
    and here is the image

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  7. PawPawDude


    Well how about that! Nice. Thanks for settling that question. And yes, a pleasant surprise to see no armor stand being used by HoloDrops. Good news!