timings) Cant Keep up! when connecting to server

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  1. https://timings.spigotmc.org/?url=junohafuci
    ㄴ SpigotMC 1.15.2
    ㄴ PaperMC 1.15.2

    The reason why there are two buckets of statistical links
    Because they're all the same symptoms.


    is there a leak in the plugin? or just simple problem " out of memory " ?

    freezing sometimes occurs when a user connects or teleports.

    and memory using continues to rise.

    this drives a person crazy because of my stupidity.


    all plugins recommend paper in the command log,
    but surprisingly, the most reliable bucket now seems to be spigotMC
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  2. Ironically,

    Simple Anti-Mob Lag and React (2 of your plugins) are destroying your server. Worldedit had one long task but that may have been you doing something with worldedit. We'll ignore that for now.

    WorldGuard is causing an issue as well in the End.

    Remove Simple Anti-Mob Lag, React, Worldedit, and WorldGuard and your server should run butter smooth.

    Then, install the latest version of Paper and add your plugins back in (check for latest versions of your plugins too) one by one. Run timings again and if the plugins are still giving you issues you'll need to report them to Paper and the plugin developers themselves.

  3. Thank you very much.

    in fact, I already tried to check the problem by adding plugins, but I couldn't find it, so I asked this question.

    And I wanted to continue working at the paperMC, but now I decided to use the spigotMC.