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    Hey guys,

    we patched to 1.6.2 recently, and since then the TPS is constantly below 18 once we reach like 70 players online. Sometimes it goes down to 12.
    Before the Patch we had constant 20 TPS, no matter how many people were online.

    Of course i already tried to disable some plugins, which appear to have bad timings - but it didnt help.

    The Mob Amounts are pretty much the same like before, just a little more because of the horses.


    Any ideas?

    Thanks for your time
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  3. Endless1989


    Oh, thank you! Didn't see that!

    I just tested it and disabled Zombie Spawns - and killed all Monsters. After that i could see a TPS increase back to 19+.

    Atleast now we can try to work on a solution - thanks!
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