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  1. http://timings.aikar.co/?url=10978014 What is causing so much lag? If you click show rest it shows that the command /ban is causing a lot but I've used that command twice in the past few days!
  2. its your teleport delay timer. a lot of people are teleporting i suppose
  3. So how would I fix that? Shorten the delay in essentials?
  4. That or don't have a delay at all. What is the reason you have a delay for teleporting
  5. There is no tps lag. 19.93 tps is beautiful and normal for a server that is running... Alot of people can not read timings at all and jump to anything that is red and assume it means they have a problem. Do not think its tps lag unless its under 19 tps for over a minute or many spikes then you can worry.
    Also update your chestshop plugin. Some of the old ones cause massive lag spikes randomly or dont work with uuid's.

    Just to make you feel better here are my timings.
    My server's cpu is stressed 2% more then yours. and has a lower avg tps by a tiny tiny bit.

    Beware there are many types of lag.

    TPS lag (which is what timings help find)
    Connection lag (such as poor connection to the server either due to a bad host or the player has poor connection to the server but you can see that if you hold tab, all my players have 3-4 bars which is roughly 30-150 ping)
    And lastly Client side fps lag, Caused by having too many signs, lava, item frames, chests ect in spawn or where the player is.

    EDIT: also update to the lastest Spigot 1.8.3 as i see your running an old 1.8 build which isnt helping at all.

    If you do not know how to get the last spigot just read below. Its not near as hard to do as it looks. Dont be intimidated by it.

    EDIT: also entities did show up in your timings. If you want you can mess with the Spigot.yml (after you read how it works) and change the ranges for that. which does help cut down on cpu use.

    Its this part of the spigot.yml
    and this is mine

    animals: 23
    monsters: 25
    misc: 10
    players: 40
    animals: 30
    monsters: 32
    misc: 17
    other: 27
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  6. Thanks for the help I'll try some of this stuff later but it shows the tps and like 19.93 but if I type /lag it is actually 17. It will just randomly drop low sometimes and I type /timings paste and it says 19.93....
  7. I have a VERY strong felling that its chestshop. I think that build is a bad one. 2nd thread with the lag spikes while running that version of chestshop today. Update to the latest chestshop. But before you do. Go sell a few stacks of dirt and do /gc and watchh the tps drop.

    EDIT: im on your server. I recommend silkspawners to handle the spawners and im looking for a chestshop sign to test
    EDIT: I sold a stack of dirt from one player to another via chestshops and i did not see any tps drop from looking around at animals. I would run that same test with Admin Shops and see what happens.
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  8. I didn't even no that I had chest shops but how did you use chest shops to sell stuff to another player when I use the plugin Quicksell that has /sell
    I will also change to silk spawn era and stuff but I don't have admin shop I think
  9. Some plugins default the perms out. I thought chestshop had to have perms given out in ranks though. Well i guess not?

    There are 3 bad chestshop versions. 2 lag. And one allows for free items after changing your name. But the last versions work great. The thing i like about chestshops is the fact you can have buy and sell on the same sign. because with essentials you must have two signs to do the same thing. And the more signs in spawn the more fps strain players will have. And itemframes eat fps even more (only if the player is looking in that direction). Use the block whenever you can rather then the item frame with the item in it.

    EDIT: And chestshops supports most custom items too. Essentials cant top that.
  10. Also I don't have admin shops so I can't run that test
  11. Chestshops has an admin shop feature built in.
    Make a normal chestshop sign (without a chest!) but on the first line (you must have that perm or be op) put Admin Shop rather then your name. and fill the rest out like normal. And it becomes an admin shop! :D
  12. Ok I had no use for chest shop so I deleted it. I'll let you no how that goes. But I am still confused on how to update to the latest build :/ Is there a tutorial video for the latest build that I can watch?
  13. Dont let it intimidate you. I know it looks like rocket science... but just get a coffee and settle down and read through it. Once you have it setup it will be very easy to update your spigot version every week. If you still cant figure it out i can walk you through it. All you really have to do it get the program GIT and run two commands.
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  14. Ok I have the Git bash terminal open now but now what do I do? It shows 2 code 1 curl and the other one wget. Which one do put in the git bash thingy?
  15. Depends if your running linus or windows/mac

    If windows do the curl one.
  16. How do i download curl? Or is it part of git bash? If so I can't paste it in the cmd bash thingy