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  1. so which one is your favorite and why? i was using examine but i switched to /timings merged because i can see what amount of time is taken by plugins from start of server.
    examine graph is nice and it's ordered by most-time hardest plugins but i can compare it in timings file by myself too. one stuff i missing is what amount of time is taken by chunk provider.

    second thing is, what is the optimal results of those two, when you can be sure, that the lag is not caused by plugins, but e.g. by entities or by amount of chunks loaded?

    some timings info after 23 h 20 m uptime just for compare
    Code (Text):
    WorldGuard v5.6.5
        Total time 129047455219 (133s)
    Residence v2.6.6
      Total time 2361318105168 (2442s)
    NoCheatPlus v3.8.3-b261
        Total time 745909208959 (769s)
    my TPS is from 17 - 20 which is ok (i mean), i don't feel any block / chat lag in game but i just wondering if those number are not too high - in my case residence is most difficult plugin which has taken 2442 s from 84000 s uptime - i don't know if it's ok or not
    how about your experiences and results? i think it is important to know some optimal values because of performance optimalization
  2. Já radši používám spigotí timings. Je tam více užitečných informací. :)

    Spigot timings command is better for me. There is more usefull information.
  3. PhanaticD


    nolagg examine made my server poop out with spigot testing 24