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  2. Your biggest problems seem to be VariableTriggers and Simple-AutoSave.
  3. I don't know what it is, but long interval scheduled tasks use such large amounts of resources.
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    Look for plugins with black in the %


    are your big lagers
  5. lol, so Simple-AutoSave isnt so simple ? XD
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    Looks like a simple way to add lag.
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  7. what about this?
    Code (Text):

    Minecraft - Breakdown (counted by other timings, not included in total)
    Pct Total    Pct Tick        Total        Avg        Count    Vio    Event
    52.30%      52.50%    1,463.835 s    26.2477 ms      55.77k    2,774.10%    ** Full Server Tick (excluded from total because it's counted elsewhere)
    any idea?
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    Work on the plugin lag first, it could make that drop.
  9. well unfortunatly VariableTriggers is on a wait list :(
  10. md_5

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    You know fully well VariableTriggers constantly crashes your server, yet want to use it...
  11. jeff142


    Sounds logical to me.
  12. because its simple scripting that i dont have to put alot of thinking into doing

    edit: the crashing seemed to actually be involved with survivalgames, since i blocked it from being used, i havent been crashing =/

    edit: also thats why i opened a ticket with them to let them know of the problem too
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    You still don't get its not a issue Specific to spigot, rather spigot preventing this issue rather than crashing your server.
  14. I completly understand that part. but the world changing dosent crash my server, and thats whats being blocked
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    If its being blocked - that's because every now and again it will crash your server.
    I can either have:
    1) You complaining about server crashes
    2) You complaining about plugin not working

    And to be honest I'd rather have the first - then I have the moral highground.
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    md_5 Aren't you in pain? You've headdesked so many times! :p
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  17. What, may I ask, do you have VariableTriggers doing that is eating so much resources?! I utilize the same plugin, in quite a few places on my server, and don't have nearly that kind of usage from the plugin. The usage I do have from it though, is from that same thread "Task: interval 21600", wonder what that is actually doing....

    I will also note I have had no crashes, in quite a long time actually. Though my VT usage is quite basic..
  18. i use it to block specific users from teleporting certain places, and display a custom text, it manages my customized kits and sorts per rank. automated broadcast signs that change text and can only be used at certain times. it runs my parkour... it runs animated blocks at spawn to show noobs how to make a cobblegen for skyblock... awesome animated iron doors, 4x3 ( they look great with optifine! ) probably alot more still then just those...

    edit: A custom /help but its actually run as /commands
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