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  1. Hello,
    I have so much Pct tick in timings on my server:

    0.27% 1,562.85% 2.34 s 781.43 ms 0.0 0.0k World Save

    What is the problem? How can i fix this world save?
    Thank you
  2. Please link the full timings report so we can see the details.
  3. drives_a_ford


    World save takes quite a lot of time and can cause a lag spike when it happens.

    However, unless you want to risk losing your progress, I don't think there's a way around it. But in all honesty, it doesn't happen that often so I'm personally not concerned by it.
  4. md_5

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    Its a < 1 second spike like every 5 minutes, its really not as bad as you're interpreting.

    Use an SSD
  5. So this is my problem that i want to solve:
    When i join on server it takes long time while my plugins and chat load. I can move but after.. i think 10seconds it teleport me back on spawnpoint and just in this time i can write login message. I have it on 2 servers in my bungee system and one is Lobby server.
    This is my timing of Lobby:
    I can see red numbers in chatmanager but its new plugin and i had lags before i had this plugin.
    So what is the problem? I have this problem 1 week or more and i dont know how to solve it :/
    Sorry for my english.
  6. electronicboy

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    That means that your server is basically getting stuck catching the client up, reducing your view distance and aiming to reduce the amount of data sent to players during login is generally the best fix for this, e.g. reducing view distance, making sure that plugins haven't caused your scoreboard.dat to implode in size, sometimes you have players who just have such a bad connection that you can't really do anything about
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  7. I reduced view distance on 3 and how can i reduce the amount of data sent to players during login?