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  2. It seems the problem is more in depth than first expected.
    Initially the link provided by timings led to an information page.
    So, OK. The spigot I was using was from 23rd Nov 2016. I updated yesterday and got 2 different results.
    An 'Online' server, run from my own PC, returned the timings correctly.
    An 'Offline' hosted server, run through Bungeecord, returned an invalid link.

    Time to investigate further. And maybe make a new thread as suggested.
  3. erm, i just revered something on accident sorry :(
  4. Hi, is there any problem with the Spigot timing site? I'm getting "Unknown link" every time I try to see the timings.


  5. no place to paste? maybe the instructions should be changed?
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    Trivial update; However, the timings paste command gives you a URL you can click on and open to see the output

    edit; Just updated the page
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    replace timingsrl with timings?url, something on your server is breaking the output
  8. Understood! it's working, thanks!

    Where do I paste it? I pasted it after the address, this way "https://timings.aikar.co/?url=qapiyutaje" and it says:

    "Timings v1 is no longer supported here, as Spigot forcefully moved it away from my server, so almost no one is even hitting this URL anymore, so it doesn't make sense for me to keep supporting it.
    I strongly recommend you to not use Spigot, as Timings v1 contains many bugs and lacking lots of info. Timings v2 is a huge upgrade and contains exponentially more information.

    You may switch to a faster and better server by downloading Paper. It is a drop in replacement for Spigot, and all of your plugins should still work.

    Plus, we have Tacos."
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    That part that was quoted from the wiki page was outdated, you just need to modify the timings url that it gives you if your server breaks it, or similarly, paste the id at the end of https://timings.spigotmc.org/?url=
    Spigot shifted timings over to their own servers, aikars timings viewer website won't work for Spigot anymore
  10. What's the difference (besides that one works and the other doesn't)?