Tinkers' Construct how to install on a Server ?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm trying to install Tinkers' Construct on the latest 1.9.4 Spigot server.
    I downloaded :
    - Minecraft Forge API 1.9.4
    - Mantle 1.9.4
    - TConstruct 1.9.4

    I put them into the Plugins floder. When i start the server i get follow error:
    "ERROR: Could not load 'plugins/forge...jar"
    "ERROR: Could not load 'plugins/mantle...jar"
    "ERROR: Could not load 'plugins/tconstruct...jar"
    "invalid plugin.yml"

    Does anyone have instructions to install this on Server-side (Debian)?
    Do i need to install the Mod on Client aswell ?

    I find on youtube only installation guides for single player.
    On the Thinkers' Construct pages i don't find any installation instructions.

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  2. Those are Mods not plugins. You cant install "Forge" Mods on a spigot server. Get a forge server jar.
  3. Damn necro i forgot
  4. Its not a necro unless its not useful. In this case its useful as you said the problem. No worries ;)
  5. I recommend Cauldron. Allows for both mods and Bukkit plugins.
  6. Cauldron is illegal, and not recommended at all. Use Sponge, stop Spigot. It's dead, and Sponge is the new best. I'm only still here because I haven't bothered with the ugly (my own opinion) forums and the fact that I don't exactly want to learn their whole system again.