[TIP] How much RAM does your server need? [ALWAYS WORKS]

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  1. Came up with a way to calculate the amount of RAM you need on your server.

    Here's the formula:
    1024 + a + b( (c - a) / d) <> Thought that it'd be super complicated didn't ya :p
    a = Standby RAM amount
    b = Amount of players you want to be able to support
    c = Amount of RAM that your server uses when it has players online
    d = Amount of players online

    1. Remove all players from your server. Whitelist it if needed. Get the amount of RAM that it's currently using. You can use the command, /lag, in the console if you have Essentials installed. The RAM currently being used will be your "a". (needs to be in megabytes)
    2. Get a few players online. The number of players online will be "d".
    3. Find the amount of RAM your server is now using. The amount will be "c". (needs to be in megabytes)
    4. Think of the number of players that you'd like to support. That number will be "b".
    5. Plug in the numbers to their corresponding variables, and voila! You have the amount of RAM you need!

    Please note that the amount of RAM your server has won't matter if your CPU's single core performance isn't good. Also, the players that you get on your server can't be AFK alts. They need to be real/legit players that do everything a normal player would. The more players that you measure, the more accurate this will be.
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  2. It's not all about that ram bout that ram, no trebble.
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  3. okay, I get 50 players average and have my configurations highly optimized, so I say i'll need about 8GB of ram.
    oh, wait a minute, my CPU is complete shit, so my server crashes at 20 players!
    it's okay though, cause I have 8GB of RAM.
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  4. This is actually not that bad.
    He didn't say it was.
  6. Yea, I know.
    I was just joking around, I like your method and it really had nothing to do with general server performance.

    nice share.
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  8. Fact is that the most never have problems with less RAM. The bigger problem is always the single-core performance of the CPU.
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  9. I agree, however this is an awesome formula!
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  10. Yes, I know it's not all about that RAM. I've learned that through my 3 years of experience with running servers :p
    I simply posted this because there are people new to server managing/running and they think it's "all about that RAM".
  11. This is very inaccurate.
    15 players all in the same place will use a tiny bit of RAM.
    15 players 300 blocks away from each other will use a lot of RAM.
    Player count does not directly mean the same extra RAM needed. What matters is how much chunks you have loaded. More spread players = more RAM needed.
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  12. I meant to have "real" players online and not your alts online. So they do everything a normal player would.
    I'll also add that the more players you get online, the more accurate.
  13. Also "real players" could be in the same chunks, for example on a lobby server or in a spawn world :)!
  14. Hm, haven't thought of that. Thanks for the info.
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  15. There's too many variables to give an accurate estimate. Also this requires that you have a server running, at which point is kinda useless.
  16. Thanks needed this!
  17. Well then it would still be correct, because if players can't leave spawn, then you wouldn't have to account for that.
  18. Someone just learn algebra today?
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  19. Nah, lol took Algebra I last year. Algebra II is for next year. Taking Geometry atm.

    Sadly, I don't know much about making webapps. I've only really skimmed the surface of HTML. Even if I could make a webapp, I don't have a domain to put it on.