Tips on getting more players for a 10 players + server

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  1. What are your tricks to get more players for a 10+ players server...

    Mind sharing your tips/tricks?

    If possible not .org slots etc
    Please do not suggest me E-books . Thank you.
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  2. We've got a few busy and a few small ones, the busy ones for some reason just keep growing, or at least dont' die out. The small ones like the one in my signature has a hard time growing. But the regulars we've got are through events, and upgrades. We invite them to bring in other regulars to play with, and if they both get 1 day playtime, the inviter gets a little rank update. We pre-announce monthly events, and before it happens we use social media to get the word out. And refresh our listing on mc-list sites (i never pay for it btw..)

    But yeah, it's a lot harder these days, a friendly invite online is now by default spam. And then the normal proper listed stuff gets ignored, because loads of ppl rather play on servers where they can be racy or just vile, or steal and grief. But I rather have a small community of nice people that enjoy their playtime, than yeah.

    A stable server with respectable staff also goes a long way, dictators that say "its a rule to never give 1 block of dirt to those who ask" and then kick people for it, will not get far. Being a little flexible, and spending time playing with the newcomers, etc. It goes a long way.

    If you add a feature, don't add it 100%, start with the basics, so the regulars can learn, and then enable some features for vip groups, or slowly introduce them a month or so later, that way newcomers can get help from a friendly helpful group of regulars, while the regulars have new stuff to explore.

    We also run offsite events, temporary servers like hardcore events, or pvp battles, or a travel adventure thing, and the prizes or team work perks etc, we move them over to the live main server.

    User engagement is important, feeling welcome is important, being flexible and fair is important. And being stable is important. A erver that keeps changing worlds, and changing features, and kinda punishes those who spent months building stuff or gaining mcmmo and then taking those top10 things away "we just wanna clean things up, you will get over it"-admin-attitude ..

    But yeah, pocket edition is what kids play a lot, they don't care about pc version, i notice a lot of older people that used to play pc to come back and play for a bit, but asking why their siblings or kids dont play, "oh they already have PE, so .. "

    A poke online or fb update .. it used to get 20+ people online 5 years ago, these days one person goes "yeah that used to be fun" but then doesn't even connect.

    Just remember that a server with 2 active players can be as much value as one with 200 players. It of course depends on what you value more, and what your aim is. If you're in it to be a commercial minecraft server that has to make money and be profitable and the players are the product, for buying things etc, then yeah, advertise.
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    Copy a big server and you will be fine

    Put a few k's in advertising and you will grow
  4. Don't have few k's.
  5. My server peaks at around 30 players.

    For growth, all I've really done is bump the server on PMC, and other lists.

    I did a YouTube Adwords campaign, once for 50 dollars. That seems to bring in some new players too.
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    Should be easily gathered with the right income model. I'd recommend to start with a topg slot.
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    I wouldn't say you _need_ to get a slot on a voting site to have players. I'd find someone that's already renting one and maybe get a few hours with them (saves a ton of money). I mean, if you have the money to throw around then sure.
    • Facebook (ads & page)
    • Twitter (ads & page)
    • YouTube (paid or start your own)
    • Voting sites (standard votes, not slots)
    • Twitch (series possibly)
    • Word of mouth
    • Forum signatures
    There's many ways honestly. You just need to be willing to take the time to adjust to new methods. Don't let someone say "you need a few k's to get players!" stop you. In reality, you _don't_ need thousands to get players on your server. There's also people here on this website that take advantage of the RMS (RateMyServer) section. They pump it full of updates, making sure it's always on-top and bumped. You can set a signature on any forums your apart of (unless the rules prohibit it) and put your server information in there.

    NOTE: A server needs to be something worth playing. Don't spend a crap ton of money or time if your server isn't even done or different from the rest.
  8. Patience.
    No money is needed at all, be creative.

    Be patient and see you grow.
  9. Not sure my server is something worth playing or not. My server is 1 week 1 day old. Getting 10+ players on the first week is a good thing or a decent thing?
  10. Good.

    I myself have gotten 30 regulars over weekends. Server has been up for two months and a few days.
  11. How?
  12. Patience and ideas. Over weekdays it can get as unstable as 5-30.

    I get to hit the double tablist almost every day though (when there are 25+ players at the same time)

    EDIT: On the same part of the network.
  13. Holy crap :eek: any paid ads?
  14. Only expenses for me is the server+web host payment. I don't pay for advertisements. The player peak was 70 a week or so ago. No idea from where.
  15. Most likely because it's unique with unseen elements :p congrats tho bro, seen this go a long way
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  16. Thanks, we're trying.
  17. I think it's almost harder to keep an intentionally small server populated than it is a large one.

    My best advice, and everything I say should be taken with several large grains of salt is first to know for yourself exactly what kind of server you are running. Sounds trite I know, but it's a good place to start. After that be really friendly, helpful and consistent, as best you can. Even more important on a small server.

    In practical terms I would reccommend the reddit server listings, those have worked well for me. I used to get a lot of players from minecraft forums, but hardly any these days, and If I post a thread there it's fallen off the front page with no responses very quickly. Back in 2014 that was very much not the case, but as others have mentioned it's become more difficult.

    I'm not convinced of the efficacy of server listings and votifier. I could be wrong though.
  18. I wish that was referencing to my server... "unseen"
    Then borrow from somewhere.
  19. WAS


    I've only ever used server lists and have never had a issue filling servers.

    It really comes down to your appearance. Just slapping up a server on a server listing or forum is one thing, but providing a enriched website, and experience along with it, is another thing. I notice a lot of servers that have little player base do not have a functioning website or means of discussion outside the server. What if the server goes down? People can't get together and freak out.

    Next, having a engaging Spawn is I think critical. Signing on to a server and having no idea what's going on because of clutter isn't a good thing, and having not enough is not a good thing. You have to find an esthetic, and functional balance so-to-speak.

    And as other said, being active, friendly, and helpful always helps. One of my servers got pretty popular because I made a GLSL Shaders installer which came pre-packed with the latest and greatest shader packs, and texture packs. It brought in a lot of 3rd party traffic, which subsequently turned into server traffic through peak of interest.
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  20. Best way of developing and maintaining a server is through trial and error. You must fail to learn how to prevent it in future. Founded your first server and it fails after a month? Good. Next time you decide to host a server, you won't do the same mistakes as you did way before. You learn and put your knowledge to use.
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