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  1. Hi, i'm a C# programmer and i'd like to have any tips of the most used plugins/resources in minecraft servers, what to worry, and as fast as possible which plugins/resources i have to use.

    Ex: Of suggestion: (i found this two, to multi protocols)
    But i won't use it, because i'll focus only in one version.

    I'm not lazy, i'll search, i just wanna a list of things to worry, i'll compile good tips in this topic.

    ps: I already know how to put a server and plugins online, and i know the basic of server administrations, already had some servers of Tibia.
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  2. Please do not use ViaVersion nor ProtocolSupport. If you make a version make it on a stable and unique version. Stop trying to please to everyone and make your server stable and without having to deal with old functionnalities and stuff
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  3. Thank you for the tip.
    indeed, you have a strong point and i already changed my mind, using only one version will be better to deal with broken plugins, and easier to update the server version.

    @Maxx_Qc , what version do you recommend?
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  4. I'm not sure if I agree with this. I'd do agree with not trying to please everyone since many people are still on 1.8 because they believe that it is "the best version" but it was released 5.5 years ago and we need to move away from it. However only limiting yourself to just 1 version will not work for most servers because then different servers will all use different versions.

    I suggest allowing multiple versions, maybe from 1.12 and onward. That will set you up for a little while still offering a versions for different users so they dont have to switch everytime they want to play on a different server. Also never allow lower versions than the version that is running on the server, that will only give issues.
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  5. I just keep my server up to date and no one complains about it. Also, I get to use all the new functionalities.
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  6. Small plugins like kit plugins warp plugins and stuff like that.
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  7. The standard is: EssentialsX(+ Chat), WorldEdit(or FastAsyncWorldEdit), WorldGuard(or GriefPrevention), LuckPerms, Vault, WorldBorder, ProtocolLib, some anti-cheat(Matrix maybe). For something more: ServerListPlus, TitleManager, nametagedit, HolographicDisplays, Multiverse.
    Please note that it's just the base of pretty ordinary survival server. Remove anything, add anything and, you know, use your creativity.
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  8. Why are people using worldborder?
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  9. To pregenerate world chunks, sometimes to use circle world border instead of vanilla square.
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  10. Plugins you probably need on your server:
    Has pretty much everything: EssentialsX + EssentialsXChat (Jenkins page for both, for the latest versions)
    Modify the world to your liking: WorldEdit
    Protect the world and set up regions with flags: WorldGuard + WorldGuard Extra Flags
    Pre-generate chunks to remove chunk-generation lag: Chunkmaster
    Prevent players from cheating: Matrix AntiCheat
    Lessens RAM usage and heavily improves performance: LaggRemover

    Other plugins that are nice to have but not vital:
    Limits how many entities of the same type can be near each other to reduce lag of large farms: Farm Limiter (premium plugin)
    Modifies WorldEdit to be asynchronous to keep TPS tip-top during edits: AsyncWorldEdit (premium plugin)
    Become completely invisible: SuperVanish (or the premium version, PremiumVanish)
    Disguise as any entity: Lib’s Disguises (Jenkins page for latest download—it’s free, but I recommend buying the full version to support the dev and get extra features)
    Use heads for decoration: Head Database (premium plugin)
    In-depth plugin for bans, kicks, mutes, warnings, and more: LiteBans (premium plugin)

    Also, use Paper rather than Spigot or CraftBukkit. I also recommend to use the latest game version, 1.15.2, over any other version for stability, bug fixes, performance, and new features. :coffee:
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  11. I would recommend Core Protect. It's easy to use and allows rollbacks using World Edit. Also like PermissionsEX. In my experience it's the easiest permissions plugin to use. My other top 3 are EssentialX, Multiverse 2 and Multiverse Portals
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  12. I forgot to mention a permissions plugin. The best one around right now is LuckPerms. It’s the one pretty much everyone uses, and you can’t go wrong with it.

    I, too, can vouch for CoreProtect. It’s an absolute necessity, even if you’re using an anti-griefing plugin. Speaking of anti-griefing plugins, I recommend Lands and Chest Protect, both by Angeschossen. They aren’t free, but they are the absolute best around.

    I can also vouch for Multiverse-Core, as well as Multiverse-Inventories and Multiverse-Portals for multiple worlds (M-Core) with separate inventories, health, status effects, XP, levels, etc. (M-Inventories), and portals to travel between worlds (M-Portals). :coffee:
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  13. Also, BungeeCord is a very useful tool that links servers together, if you are planning to create multiples games on your server it's a good tool and it's very easy to configure.
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  14. The main reason why i should go with multiple versions is to get more possible players.

    Thank you, warp i already knew.

    Wow, Thank you, i'll take a time to look at each of these.

    Thank you man, really helps a lot.

    Good to know, thank you for the response.

    Thank you, i'll take a look at.

    Yeah, already knew, i'll definitely use it....

    Thank you very much you all, this topic got a better feedback that i was expecting.
  15. Prism is way better than CoreProtect.
  16. In what way? Genuine question. I’m currently using CoreProtect and haven’t used Prism since 2015. I’m glad to see it resurrected, but I’m not sure why I would use it over CoreProtect. :coffee:
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  17. Honestly, both are correct, i'm not using them since I created my own protection plugin but I can say that I worked with CoreProtect for months and it's stable and reliable
  18. I love that I can do lookups like this. Note that multiple items are listed together, and that the enchantments are listed. It would also list the name, if the player had named his shovel.

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  19. So Hypixel for instance, is still on 1.8?
  20. They are still on 1.8 for some of their servers, not all of them. Some of their gamemodes were made for 1.8.