Tips To Make My Site Better?

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  1. I have been working on this site for a few weeks now and I thought this would be the best place to get reviews to see about what I can do to make this better. I have coded this from the ground up other then using bootstrap for the looks. I started to make this site since I didn't want to have to use enjin anymore XD

    Thanks for any help/advice in making my site better! (I feel like a tool XD it's 2:40 am tho XD)

    This is my first site and I just started learning php/html.
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    We should probably get a link to your site :/
  3. Added the link. Maybe I shouldn't be posting just before bed XD
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    Heh, only 2:30 am? Ill be up until 8am(ish).

    On topic: I think it needs at least use the entire page. Also, the images are blah.

  5. I have to get up and go on a walk with my gf each morning XD

    Also thanks, I know the images are bad (That's going to change soon) and I am working on adding more to the home page but I am unsure of what to add.
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    Woah what do you use for your forums?

    Design is a little stale (bootstrapp-ish). You could try spicing it up a bit with some customizations!
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  7. I did the forums from scratch :) It took a bit but just needed to use some logic :)

    Also thanks, I know I need to change the look but I am currently working on the alert system :) I will look into it once private messaging is done (maybe tonight if I'm not to tired).
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    Wow that's pretty cool! Like really cool. :D I'm impressed! Are they for sale? :p

    Looks like you have skill in development and design! Really cool. Keep up the good work!
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  9. Thanks for the compliment! Not for sale tho XD lol.

    I was really scared to post it on here and get lots of negative feed back :S but I guess it's better then I thought XD
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    Only be scared if LaxWasHere sees your post. ;) But seriously, it's a great community! Lots of friendly people who've got your back and are willing to help.
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  11. Why you hurting my feelings josh? How rude of you.

    On topic: Too basic.
  12. Can you maybe explain what's making it basic? Is it the style or something else?