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    Tips, Tricks & Tutorials

    Tips & Tricks

    How to get more out of Spigot


    Community-contributed tutorials and guides

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  2. jtaylor69

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    I am looking for members willing to contribute to the Tips, Tricks & Tutorials section of the wiki.
    If you have something that will be valuable to other server owners, whether it be a tip, trick or tutorial, please reply to this thread.
  3. I may have to come up with something.
  4. joshwenke

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    I can create a list of common console errors and how to go about solving them.
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    That'd be great thanks. Just create a new page and I'll bind it up when done.
  6. joshwenke

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    Okay, not exactly what I was going to do (I'll make something like that later), but after seeing all these crash reports in the Bug Report section, I made this page:

    If it sucks you can delete it or whatever. Just thought I'd try to help :D
  7. This is good info thanks mate.
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  8. yes i am also looking for such kind of discussion board.
  9. Dmck2b

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    Tutorial here (Still can't create new pages). Seen a large amount of people wanting a guide on how to clone, modify and build the Spigot source a lot recently.

    <Z750> Read the fucking
    <Z750> TL;Dr
    - Z750 1/12 00:12 BST

    (Yes I know I still have the crash tutorial to finish, but this is quick and easy and I wont have much time for the next 1-2 months.)

    Cloning, Building and Compiling the Spigot source
    Basic Git Knowledge

    A unix based system or Cygwin

    Maven 3.0.5 with a path setup

    Getting the Source:
    1. First, start by cloning the Spigot source, or your fork of the Spigot source.
    2. Next, switch to whichever branch you wish to build off. (Master, snapshot, test branches, etc.)
    3. Initiate an update of the downstream Bukkit and Craftbukkit builds via git submodule update --init
    4. Once it has finished downloading, you can now apply the Spigot patches by executing the ./ file in the root of the source folder.
    5. Once this is finished, you now have a full, ready to use copy of the spigot source under Spigot-Server and Spigot-API.
    Building Spigot:
    1. Once you have finished editing your changes in your IDE or text editing program of choice, go back the the root of the source and using maven, do a clean build (mvn clean install) and let it run.
    2. You can now find your custom Spigot build in ./Spigot/Spigot-Server/target/spigot-genericMinecraftVersion-GenericBukkitBuildVersion.jar
    Creating a patch file for commit or local usage:
    1. Go into the directory of whichever part of Spigot (API/Server) you made your changes to.
    2. Bring your changed files to the stage and commit them locally.
    3. Head back to the root directory and execute the ./ file.
    4. You can now find your .patch in the relevant folder ((Craft)Bukkit-patches) within the root directory.
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  10. Dmck2b

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    brajo Could you throw this onto a page? Getting 1-2+ threads per day on this, it's getting stupid.

    Changing PermGen Size

    With the 1.7 update, mojang added several libraries to the Minecraft server, resulting a quite a few more classes and a much higher PermGen usage as a result. In order to run your server optimally and to prevent crashes, we recommend you increase your PermGen allocation in the JVM to prevent these issues.

    First, open your startup command or startup file in a text editor of your choice. It should look something along the lines of this or contain something along these lines.

    <route to java executeable // java> -Xms1G -Xmx2G -<extra flags> -jar spigot.jar nogui​

    In order to change your PermGen allocation,you need to add the flag -XX:MaxPermSize=128M into this command. It needs to be after you call java but before your -jar flag. Such as this.

    <route to java executeable // java> -Xms1G -Xmx2G -XX:MaxPermGen=128M -<extra flags> -jar spigot.jar nogui​

    Once you restart your server and run the command to start it, you will now have allocated more PermGen space and as a result have a bit more stability.
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  11. graywolf336


    One tip for performance if you're getting some block lag but your tps is in the higher 19.x's or 20 is to disable the anti-xray in worlds normal players usually aren't in, in the nether, and then in the end. I disabled it running in those worlds on my server and the block lag got reduced drastically.
  12. md_5

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    The latest spigot builds should fix this in engine mode 1. it's unavoidable in mode 2.
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  13. Dmck2b

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    Since it seems you can make pages now, I have throw up what I have of my crash analysis guide over here. Feel free to help contribute.

    EDIT 21/6: Removed developer section, it's on the previous page.
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