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a simple free Bar Gambling plugin!

  1. xBRENDYHD submitted a new resource:

    MSBar - a simple free Bar Gambling plugin!

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  2. Thank u dude ! :)
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  3. why would you need that ;)
  4. Anyone want anything added to this?
  5. Sorry for a very late response but I like to see the sources of free plugins similar to mine since it is one that is payed for. I know you probably didn't copy mine but I still like to check.
  6. http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/msbar/ mine came out 3 days before yours ;)
  7. I know :) but mine was previously hosted on a different website for 2 years.

    Edit: You don't HAVE to give me the source. I was just wondering if it was possible to post it.
  8. ./effort feel free to decompile.
  9. Infinite drinks and money duplicated. Please fix.
  10. I do not recommend.
    Bugs/Issues (duplications)
  11. There is no bugs/issues the issue is due a plugin which is incompatable which 7024 was running, i was working on fixing this, @ItsFarmerJimmy is just putting down the plugin due to him trying to steal it and he claim it as his.
  12. @xBRENDYHD Can you Update For 1.15 :) I use Your Plugin Since 2016 :) Thx you For Continue This Project :)
  13. This does not work on 1.15.2, please update :cry: