TitanMC Possible Remake?

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am Dallista and I was thinking about making a remake of TitanMC classic prison server like everything how it was back on the old server but I'm gonna need help making it right? So I am Recruiting Developers (Must at least know how to make easy java plugins) Admins, Builders, Mods, and Helpers! I was thinking 1-3 Developers, 1-2 Admins, 3-7 Builders, 3-6 Mods, 3-6 Helpers will accept more or less just depends

    I am willing to pay Developers and possibly builders a certain percent of the money that comes in if anything, also I am willing to pay the 24/7 dedicated server or whatever. No budget atm.

    Either gonna rebuild everything or find downloads for the maps. I'm gonna strive to make this server the best possible, I hope you guys can help me!

    If you are interested add me on discord: jeter#6319

    Thanks hope you have a great rest of your day
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  2. the server closed down for a reason. Why would you want to remake it?

    Not to say it is very unoriginal, and lazy base on the fact you're just downloading the maps and using existing ideas.
    1-3 devs, 1-2 admins, 3-7 builders, 5-8 mods, 5-10 helpers. All your players are just going to be staff, and no budget, server would close down in 1-2 months maximum.
  3. Actually, it closed done because, not nearly as many as when Ssundee was recording, and not as many in regular prison due to OP prison existing, but there were still quite a few players playing on Titan. That's why everyone was confused when the server, official twitter, and forums shut down almost completely without warning. Pat and MasDaddy also never said anything in their Twitters to try to tell us what happened. The community was completely shut down from a fantastic server and may never know why.
  4. B6Q


    There have been countless TitanMC remakes, and they've all died down. It's nice to see the server and everything back up, but it's really boring after awhile.
  5. I would love to help you! Helping a person bring back a great server is the least i can do
  6. Add me on discord, jeter#6319

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