"Title command successfully executed" keeps getting spammed in chat for OPs

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by PantMan, May 26, 2018.

  1. "Title command successfully executed" keeps getting spammed in chat for OPs. Even in the server console, I can see the same message. Any idea why this is happening and what the fix for it is?

    take a look at the screenshot below

    Thanks in advance

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  2. Did you add any plugin recently?
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  3. This might be caused by a plugin that uses console to execute title command instead of using bukkit api so check your plugins
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  4. Alright, i will check and get back to you
  5. I haven't added any plugin as of late. This has happened before. A few months ago, it did happen. And it suddenly stopped. And just yesterday or day before yesterday it started again.

    The message has stopped coming on the server now... Weird..
  6. Any plugins that rename items/players/any title, If so, Please list them and Ill look into them for you
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  7. Well, when players join the server, they get a welcome message on their screen. This is the one mineplex and hypixel also uses.

    I have this one plugin that can change a player's skin both ingame and in TAB immediately. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/changeskin.21469/

    They have commands like /skin reset and /skinupdate
  8. Ok, Can you disable or temperarely remove the skin changer/updater plugin, then reload your server. If you want message me on discord; LilDevs#6798
  9. Even if I do temporarily remove it, the title message has stopped coming.

    Like I said before, few months ago (probably sometime in January), the title message suddenly started spamming for OPs. But then after one day, it dissapeared. Fast forward to few days ago, it began again. And then it stopped again.

    I'll send u a friend request on discord
  10. Pretty sure this is ASkyblock.

    If it is set "silencecommandfeedback" in the config to true
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  11. Thats what I thought, But he said his server is semivanilla
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  12. Do you have any command blocks enabled on your server?
    If you do, check to see if there are any command blocks that are doing this to your server.
  13. Mineplex and hypixel use custom plugins...
  14. I was talking about TitleMotd (Plugin). that plugin gives a welcome message on the screen when players join
  15. You can easily do this,
    /gamerule commandBlockOutput false (if it comes from a command block).

    But most probably the plugin is executing title commands from console, so you'd better use:
    /gamerule logAdminCommands false
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