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  1. I need a plugin in which lets me set a title above a players display name in game. Hypixel has this that allows you to set a title based on ur achievement such as “Sumo Grandmaster V” or “The Bridge Legend” and i need a plugin like this.

    PvP God
    VIP Rakion

    Kind of like that, doesn’t have to be based on achievements but i can personally set these titles ontop of peoples head.
  2. Tab Reborn can do this
  3. Or just TAB (It was removed from Spigot for TOS. It is perfectly safe!!)
  4. How can I do this with TAB i’m having some struggle with it
  5. I've used this before and it works decently
  6. Above name and below name settings in config
  7. This isn't what I needed actually, that's for tab only, I need so it displays a holographic title on top of someone if I give them it for example "PvP God" "Sumo master" etc etc.
  8. This is what i want, the sumo legend kinda thing but where i can personally edit it, yet the tab plugin doesnt let me do that.

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  9. If you want it to be different for ranks and players use luckperms meta! Add this permission to your player/rank "meta.abovetag.&4Sumo Legend" And make "&4Sumo Legend" what ever you want it to be. Then in the TAB config add this
    Code (YAML):
    : "%vault-prefix%"
    : "%vault-prefix%"
    : "%afk%"
    : "%afk%"
    : "%essentialsnick%"
    : "%essentialsnick%"
    : "%luckperms_meta_abovetag" # Important part!
  10. Okay I found a way to give specific players that above tag which is what I wanted, but im running into the issue that they cant see it themselves only other players can see it
  11. I don't think you can enable this by default, but you can do /ntpreview to see your own
  12. I'd suggest using TAB, it's a great plugin and so easy-to-edit
  13. Thats literally what we were just talking about
  14. Oh my bad, I just read the title and I was like "oh i know that one"