Spigot TitleManager 2.1.5

A Spigot plugin for sending titles, setting the header and footer of the player list and more.

  1. Puharesource submitted a new resource:

    TitleManager - Provides a "title" welcome message and tabmenu header and footer.

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  2. This looks sweet, will it work in 1.8 though?
  3. TitanicFreak


  4. clip


    I made a pretty cool plugin that hooks into this! Care if I release it?
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  5. Sure? However, if you made it, don't you want to release it yourself? xD
    Oh sorry I read that wrong, yeah go ahead that's why I made an API xP
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  6. Works great! Thanks for this.
  7. floory565


    Are you able to add colour to the Tablist header and footer? I have not yet downloaded the plugin, so I have been unable to test out this feature.
  8. Yes you can.
  9. PhanaticD


    i love this I can now force profanities on my friends screens
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  10. floory565


    Lol what a unique use of the plugin.
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  11. Could you please add an option to change the display time of the title?
  12. Sure =), I'll do that when I get home.
  13. can you add to the welcome msg so that it could say input player name. For example so i could do this "Welcome %username%"
  14. floory565


    Yeah, like the add-on to this plugin created by "RyanM" called "InventoryFullDisplay", where you can use %player% to display the name of the player.
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  16. Done =), now you just have to add {PLAYER} to either the welcome message or the tabmenu and it should replace the name =)
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  17. floory565


    Thanks for the update!
  18. What spigot build does this require? Isn't working on #1643, guess I can't update due to this DMCA Takedown. ;/.
    Plugin does look cool though.