Spigot TitleManager 2.3.6

A Spigot plugin for sending titles, setting the header and footer of the player list and scoreboard.

  1. @Puharesource
    By any chance is there a way to set the scoreboard up to where certain placeholders only show within certain worldguard regions?
    For instance, I have a region created for an Easter Egg Hunt Event, and want to have the scoreboard show how many eggs out of the total the player has collected, but I only want it to show to people that are IN that region.
    How could I go about this, or is that even possible?
  2. yeah
  3. how to fix
  4. Fix your bungeecord setup. Something you should know. Not here for tech support sorry
  5. Hello,

    After updated to Paper 1.16.5, players are disconnected on join if the Scoreboard contains a placeholder (whatever the placeholder).

    Thanks for your help !

    NB : Worked fine in 1.16.4
  6. Are you able to fix it to make it work on bungee cord or is this not possible?
  7. I found out if you downgrade to 2.3.0 it seems to be stable as I was also having the same issue lol
  8. Thank you... that worked
  9. hi I have a rather odd question but i don't know if this is possible or you have already done it.

    is it possible to have a mail stat on the scoreboard like


    displays how many mails has been sent to you,


    Displays how many mails has been opened by you.


    Displays how many mails has never been seen by you.

    I want to optimize the /send mail command better where players will see it instantly by looking at the scoreboard.

    ofc this is essentials mail I am talking about.
  10. Looking for help with using custom UNICODE Characters with this?
  11. Code (Text):
      - '&b> &3&lBlock Claims:'
      - '&b%{griefprevention_remainingclaims}'
      - '&r&r'
    Can anyone help me explain why this don't work? I have PlaceHolderAPI and GriefPrevention Expansion.
  12. these are all the known one within this plugin. if your placeholder is not on here then it's not updated to work with the latest version.

    plus have you tried removing

    { } brackets and adding the % at the beginning and end of the placeholder?

    Code (Text):

  13. Code (Text):
    - '&b%griefprevention_remainingclaims%'
    I had to type it this way thanks.
  14. wrong time in the scoreboard ... is 2 hours behind the time zone of Italy.
    How i can fix it?
  15. Trying to get gradient working and it's not. Adding the

    ${gradient:[#ff0000,#00ff00,#0000ff,#ff0000,bold]My HEX gradient text} to the scoreboard and it's only displaying the text without the animation.
  16. Hi,
    I just got an idea.
    Since usually title manager can show mcmmo/skills status, but it will consume much space as we put all the skills into the board.

    it'd be great if Title manager have clickable prev/next page feature to minimal the space.