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Feature Titles, subtitlles...

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by ThePenspinneur, Apr 21, 2015.


Is this suggestion would be interesting?

  1. Yes, it's a great idea

  2. Yes, but it's not very usefull

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  3. No, the API and Packets are sufficient

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  4. No, It's a very bad idea

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  1. Hello, my name is ThePenspinneur and I use spigot API since a long time and I have a question about the new version of spigot:

    Can you add to the new spigot version, a new function to the player class like a Player.showTitle(TitleType type, String message)?
    The type variable is an enum list with TITLE and SUBTITLE.
    The message variable is the message showw to the player.

    It's just a suggestion because using Packets is most complicated than using a simple function.

    Thank you, ThePenspinneur.

    PS: I know that it exists API to make that but it's preferable that there is a function added to the player class because it's more easy than an API.
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  2. Though my plugin TitleManager is used by a large variety of servers and other plugins and I love that and even though I've spent plenty of hours creating reflections to avoid the restrictions with depending on a specific version of Craftbukkit, even then I would love to see an easy way of creating Titles, managing the tab header/footer & sending an actionbar message.

    I feel that it has been a long enough wait for us developers. 1.8 versions of Spigot / Craftbukkit / Bukkit have been out for a long time I'd imagine Thinkofdeath, md_5 or others would of been able to create some type of API addition to bukkit, that would let us manage these types of Titles easily.
  3. Great idea however we have enough API's at the moment and tutorials for titles it is a nice feature for the future.
  4. clip


    Agreed. While nms and reflection is fun, it would be much better to have something included in the api to send these types of messages without the need to use nms or reflection.
  5. The problem here is that there's a possibility that the way that Titles, tabmenu header/footers & actionbar messages can break with every update of the server and so far, it HAS broken every single time, protocol hack > 1.8 > 1.8.3
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  7. And thats the same with a load of other stuff. Also I though spigot already added a title manager
  8. That was added to the temporary ProtocolInjector for the Protocol hack
  9. They removed it and I though I remebered reading somewhere that they added an API
  10. They have on in BungeeCord but not in Spigot unless I've missed it ;)