Spigot Titles 1.0 - [1.14.2]

Custom prefixes!

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    Titles - Custom prefixes!

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  2. It duplicates the chat in 1.14.3. Please fix, or if you know how to fix please tell me, thanks. Really need this.
  3. Are you using any other chat plugins? This is the most likely cause.
  4. No i'm not, I don't have many plugins. I have skinrestorer, Loginsecurity, and Dynmap.
  5. It's the only plugin I am currently running, can second that it's duplicating text.
  6. I can concur with the others that there is a definite text duplication glitch in 1.14.3. No other chat plugins on my server. I'd love to use this plugin but I simply can't until this is fixed.