Spigot TNT-Fill Lite [DEAD] 1.0


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    TNT-Fill Lite [1.7-1.9] - Experience the TNT-Fill plugin for FREE

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  2. What's the difference between the Lite version of this and the paid version?
  3. Paid version:

    - Factions support
    - TNT clear
    - quick fill
    - quick clear
    - natural radiuses
    - customisable messages
    - placeholders
    - more config options (choose what is disabled)
    - higher update priority
    - Selecting dispensers
    - Custom aliases
    - Customisable dynamic help menus (remove my name from the help menu)
    - and also better API support

    you could always just check the page here:

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  4. Thanks, I have already purchased the premium version of the plugin, I was just curious of the differences.
  5. no worries, this is mostly just for the people that want to get a taste of what the premium is like :p

    also do NOT run this plugin and the premium one on the same server at the same time, it will cause one or the other to break.
  6. Error message server v : 1.9

    12.05 08:42:45 [Server] INFO [TNTFillFree] Enabling TNTFillFree v1.0.0 12.05 08:42:45 [Server] INFO [TNTFillFree] Checking for a new version of TNT-Fill... 12.05 08:42:45 [Server] WARN [TNTFillFree] TNT-Fill's Auto update checker seems to have a broken link, please post in the discussion about this issue! 12.05 08:42:45 [Server] INFO [TNTFillFree] TNTFillFree v1.0.0 has been ENABLED