TNT Igniter

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by BlazingBroGamer, May 8, 2015.

  1. Basically, I had been working on a Mini Game, and I run into one trouble. I had to stop players exploding their own bases. I had went around searching for some answers, but I haven't got any answers yet.

    The one I saw:
  2. Create a event blockplace.

    Check if the player is in his own base/region.

    Check if he placed a tnt block and if so cancel the event and optionally send a message.
  3. But that will just cancel the block being placed. What if the tnt block was exploded outside the base?

    EDIT: I mean as in just outside, like 1 block away
  4. Make the region of his own base bigszsger/greater ?
  5. @Svenna
    What if the tnt was ignited by the attacker?
    Also, what if the player placed the tnt from outside the region into the region?
  6. Change your method. I assume that you have lists with players pro team?

    Just protect the region of his own team from being breaked with TNT if the one who placed the TNT is in the list of his own team.