Tnt on Splash Potion

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  1. Hello,

    I'm trying to create a mini-game plugin with bosses and for that I have to spawn a tnt on a potion splash but when that potion starts to fall, it bursts. After some tests, I saw that this was due to the fact that the tnt (maybe because of its hitbox) even breaks the potion under it in minecraft vanilla.

    How can I work around this problem?

    PS: Sorry for my broken English, I'm french and I used google traduction for write this post.
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    If the problem is that TNT is removing the splash potion and it's effect, you could just make the TNT explode a tick afterward using the Bukkit scheduler.
  3. The problem is that: failing to find the "weight" of the TNT, I use a splash potion with one of my functions to land where I want. The problem is that the TNT, going down, breaks the potion and falls while losing its horizontal velocity

    If you know the gravity of a tnt, I would be happy if you communicated it to me