Spigot TnTFill 3.0

Ever wanted something where players would fill their dispensers in just a second ? Use this plugin.

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    TnTFill - Ever wanted a free tntfill plugin download this <3

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  2. What kind of tips
  3. crashes server when a large amount of dispensers are filled. Is there a fix?
  4. Has the latest version resolved your issue ?

    @nvda Has this new update resolved your issue ?
  5. I decided to make my own tntfill, it doesn't lag, I deleted my review
  6. Anyone using this plugin can have tnt duped on their server. You can tnt fill dispensers with more tnt than you actually have.
  7. I agree with everyone there is a dupe plugin but everyone has to stop doing it in the reviews
  8. Has this been fixed with the new release?
  9. Ya you fixed it also images don't work :D
  10. Plugin is completely broken. Doesn't fill dispensers evenly and it dupes tnt still by randomly placing more in your inventory after doing the command.
  11. That happens if a dispenser is full
  12. Nope, even when they are empty on spigot 1.8.8
  13. quick question wheres the perm nodes for the plugin is it just tntfill.fill ? if not i need the perm node and please put it on the plugin web page thx
  14. The permission is on the page it is CustomEnchants.tntfill
  15. Images are dead.. Where are you hosting them?
  16. Was on a old vps i owned i long time ago
  17. If you have those images try to upload them onto imgur. I can upload them for you if you want.
  18. Can you add a creative mode support?
  19. Already been taking care of since 2.2
    Requires a new permission which can be found in the update section