Spigot TNTRun | Multiple Modes | LeaderHeads support | MySQL | Much more... 3.0.0

TNTRun minigame with a lot of functions without any additional dependencies!

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    TNTRun - Original plugin TNTRun from bukkit by Shevchikden

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  2. can you make a command like /t Make Arena that it makes a standard tnt arena?
  3. What does that make?
  4. That it makes a normal arena like the pictures on the page

    that with that command it automaticlly it make that area
  5. I will review this soon
  6. Add bungeecord game support! With random maps :3
  7. i not planning add bungeecord support, this plugin support more arenas
  8. too bad =(
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  9. please give players some thing to leave tntrun just like hypixel'tntrun game,they may be annoyed by always use command or sign to leave game
  10. I will add items on monday
  11. There are bug with bossbar. After start game it's still showing: "Game will start in: xxx seconds" ...can you fix this?
  12. You are using 1.8 client and bossbar is changed in version 1.8 by mojang and i cant fix that but i will add titles and actionbars soon
  13. YES! PLEASE! :3 It will be cool soo much! :)
  14. :DDD
  15. What? :D I like this idea bro!
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