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  1. hello there,
    i have an idea for a timer to do inside minercaft but i have to little knowledge about coding if someone would like to help me out:
    my idea is to create a timer for example 4 minutes after the timer run out it will say a random number between 1-11 but after that i want it to repeat the timer and give a random number again by it self if anyone out there have any idea how to do that or would like to help me understand would be nice cause i tried in commands blocks in the games and it was way to much work and still failed
  2. Firstly, do you want us to write code for you? We won't. Go here.
    Secondly, this requires some very simple. If you know at least some Java, just look up some Spigot tutorials and you'll get it.
  3. If you want to implement it yourself, I’d look into this. There are also plenty of tutorials out there to help you with using this.

    And generating a random number from a range in Java is a simple Google search.
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