Spigot TogglePvp 3.3

Allow players to toggle their own PVP!

  1. There were no errors at all in the console...

    I noticed that changing 'MSG Attack Blocked Both Players Disabled' as well as 'Enable Knockback' will not apply the effect with a /togglepvpreload, the server must restart to apply those changes, thus causing some confusions.

    Issue solved as I reconfigured everything... I don't know which part I have broken. :confused:

    Also I have a feature request: How about make these 'MSG Attack Blocked' messages less of a spam by adding a cooldown to them, or showing them in actionbar instead, or just an option to disable them?
    #121 Minestick, May 4, 2021
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  2. Tau


    I think i know what's up with the reload issue.
    Will be fixed in next version.

    I'll think about adding a timer to the messages
  3. Tau


  4. Is there a placeholder that can be used and indicates PVP status?
  5. Tau


    No, not as of yet.
  6. Feature request: PAPI support
    Hi! I think it will be a nice addition if there's a placeholder which changes its value according to the player's pvptoggle status! With plugins that modifies the tab list or overhead name tag it will be helpful visualizing player's pvp status in action.
  7. Tau


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  8. KB1


    It would be nice if TogglePvp specified its API version to avoid triggering Legacy Material Support on Paper.