Token enchant doesn't work with fortune

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by SlayerDoesYT, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. I can't get token enchant and fortune to work at the same time. Help?
  2. can i see your config
  3. What config do you want to see?
  4. (By token enchant i mean Explosions and Te-Slicing)
  5. You need to purchase it first.....
  6. On my friend's account (Who also works on the server with me) Its free? I think he got it before it costed $
  7. upload_2018-6-13_21-39-12.png
    (Im slayer's friend)
  8. never's always been a premium resource.
  9. so did he buy it or not, i will not help if he didn't buy
  10. As md_5 mentioned many times, the public forum should not be used for the provision of premium resource support.
    TokenEnchant has its official support channel/site.
  11. You need to purchase it.
  12. I'm not sure what else to do to make you happy... I'm not going to buy the plugin when I have a plugin that I downloaded right off the website... Just please help me with my fortune and TE-Slicing that works in Creative but not Survival lol
  13. Send configuration file from the plugin please.
    1. Conflicts:
    2. 1:
    3. 2:
    4. - Silktouch
    5. - Fortune
    This is your issue. Silktouch is added to the list of which enchants to use with each pickaxe. It can be found here.

    2. - Unbreaking
    3. - Fortune
    4. - Efficiency
    5. - Speed
    6. - Silktouch
    7. - Explosive
    8. - Jump
    9. - Haste
    10. - Excavation
    11. - Sphered
    12. - Nightvision
    13. - Drill
    14. - Slicing
    Remove that as a conflict & it should fix it. (I'm still unsure if you even bought the actual tokenenchant plugin or used a cracked one.)

    Hope this helps solve your issue. :D
  14. I don't know if I exactly explained myself. I have a plugin called fortune blocks. When I have this plugin on Te-Slicing and Explosions don't work anymore.
  15. vk2gpz he does not realize that people have developers who do alot of plugin managing but when the owner needs help and posts something he just says either "You did not purchase it" or "Use or help website" just help us
  16. I don't understand what Datfer said put yea pls help us lol
  17. ^. I don't wish to go against SpigotMC owner's directive.

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