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  1. All the token shop plugins I can find are either outdated, not working properly or un-managed, anyone know of a token shop plugin that can register commands not only items and is fully customizable? If not I can just chestcommands with another plugin that just records how many tokens you have but I would like messages to be customizeable.

  2. I mean, I had the same post and what people told me was to get a custom coded token shop for my server xD. a guy offered to fix bugs from an outdated one, but ended up scamming me cause he wanted me to pay him first.

    Here's my suggestion, use this

    or use this

    Ik vote token shop is outdated, but it works. There re little bugs that you can easily get around, but idk.

    Again, the best solution would be to get one custom coded for you. Ik there's plugins like playerpoints, so maybe you could use thhat and chestcommands like you said? Idk, that's all I got.
  3. ChestCommand + TokenEnchant (with command alias) should do the trick. Or you prefer one plugin solution?
  4. Are you able to edit the messages that tokenenchant gives? Because I want to hide that the plugin is TokenEnchant so instead of the default message you get when checking tokens it would instead say [TokenShop] You have 7 tokens, for example
  5. of course, all messages are customisable.
  6. Okay thanks I will be buying TokenEnchant in the future!

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