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  1. I'd go with the discontinued one and update it myself when bugs are found.
  2. The discontinued one had issue though, like you couldn't even put the power enchantment on a bow. The only wy I saw around thiss was to either run a command or do a kit to give an item. Atm I could do this, but I'm dealing with a big issue with /give and nobody will help me with that.

    Do you have any suggestions for other existing token shop plugins?
  3. I can fix the bug on the discontinued plugin if you'd like.
    Or you can ask for a custom shop to be made to your specifications.
  4. Sure if you want that would be amazing. I'll even pay you if it turns out good. I can try listing any bugs that I remember off the top of my head.

    Enchantments were kind of weird, like he said they used bukkit names, but I believe he used like LootingBlocks for fortune. I never got the power enchantment to work, and you could use vts:GiveItemInSlot like for the command/execution which gave the item to you in the slot. The issue with vts:GiveItemInSlot was that it never gave me all the enchants, and didn't give me the lore. I'm using this for my factions server, which will have enchantments above the normal. So like Unbreaking 4.. and so on, plus it will have custom enchants. This is just done through the lore, which I can add in the display.

    The one big thing in this plugin that I really didn't like was when you bought an item/clicked on an empty slot, it closed out of the shop. Personally, I think it would be better just keeping the shop open, but I don't know how the plugin works (like code wise).

    Feel free to try fixing this plugin up, and I'm sure people would support you if you actually continued it. Thanks so much though for offering to help, cause barely anybody will help me on here xD.
  5. Ehh, Why don't you just add me on Skype?

  6. xD sent you a request lol
  7. I'll actually be recreating a Token Plugin sometime this June if you are willing to wait that long.
  8. I have a custom token one made, Maybe go with custom.
  9. For now, I'm trying to find a good one to use. I may just stick with the one I have now, and I'll see later if there's a better one. I can wait, yes, but if you're making one, please can you make it so it doesn't close every time you click on a slot. Lol ,and make sure it works with all enchants/lores/data.
  10. You have a custom one? Are you telling me I should get someone to custom code one for me, or are you saying you have tokenshop you know of that I could use that's custom?
  11. It's not custom if it's public.
  12. Yes i am suggesting a custom one. $60, But its yours and only yours. Plus if you ever sell the server you can advertise you have CUSTOM plugins. Making it worth more.
  13. Hmm, maybe in the future I will look into having more custom plugins. I'm a programmer, I just need to get better at making plugins.
  14. PlayerPoints + ChestCommands = Perfect