TokenEnchant not working with ChestShop?

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  1. Hello, I was trying to make a shop for buying and selling tokens, but I can't find the TokenItem id, if I try to run /iteminfo it doesn't work. please help D:
  2. If you're using essentials, it's actually /itemdb

    Token ID is just Magma Cream #1

    Hope this helps. :D
  3. Yeah I know, but when I create the shop sign it says I don't have enough items to sell ( ) (I tried Magma Cream from #1 to #7)
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    Generally speaking every item should work correctly with the ID that ChestShop's /iteminfo prints out but there might be cases where the item cannot be correctly serialised by Bukkit due to some specialised data that it contains (no plugin that just uses the Bukkit API should be able to do that though, you need some internal access to result in such incompatible items)

    Do items that you bought from an admin shop stack with others that you had in your inventory before? If not they are not matching ones :/ I suggest opening an issue or post in the plugin's discussion thread and include a copy of such an item (the easiest way is by uploading a player.dat file that has the item in the inventory)
  5. I would like to open an issue but I can't find a dat file that has the token in it. I tried multiple times to give me some Tokens and then log out and stop the server, but when I download and open the dat file (with NBTExplorer) it just shows a Diamond Sword D:

    EDIT: I just solved the problem by putting a token into the chest and setting the fourth line of the sign to '?'
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