Spigot TokenManager 3.2.5

An ultimate token management plugin with amazing features.

  1. All messages are configurable in the file, and what's your custom thing? I can look into it as long as it's nothing huge.
  2. Just, wondering maybe it's already possible? Like have glass pane pattern around the items? I just don't want to put it in and below it it says 0 tokens to buy, and when people buy they get the item like anyway to do this without letting them be able to buy them?
  3. They don't get the item, it only executes the command listed for item.
  4. Ya wanna make a custom plugin that you can make premium that's a really good idea but you'll just give me free cuz ima give you the idea :D?
  5. It's nice plugin, but why offline servers doesn't supported? It will be awesome feature.
  6. Player's uuid on cracked servers is random I believe. It won't fit the current data managing system. I'll try to find a way, though.
  7. mb add to config flag offline, if true use nicknames, else use uuid's ?? When offline mode is true and uuid for nickname changed rewrite it. I don't know ^_^ And i have some problems with MySQL connections...
  8. Will it support display "skull:3 playerhead:Notch" for item icon?
    This feature for shop is more function.
  9. Try "144:3 player:Notch".
  10. Can't send tokens to players.

    My server is online mode and not cracked though.
  11. Will be looking into it, thanks.
  12. Mhm okay.

    Is this plugin compatible with 1.9? Because I'm running Spigot 1.9.
  13. It should be. If there are any errors, please PM me.
  14. No errors when loading it in, and no errors when trying to send, it just always says failed to find username. :/

    EDIT: Okay, send works not, no idea what the problem was but it just started working like an hour later.

    But another problem, creeper eggs or any mob eggs do not appear in the shop gui.

    My shop
    Code (Text):
    # [*]----------------------------------[ Shop configuration tutorial ]----------------------------------[*]
    # Welcome to shop configuring section, the most boring part!
    # Before you start creating shops, please read the instructions followed.
    # (Unless you're a genius and knows how to do things already)
    # We will look into the configuring with an example shop I've created as default.
    #  test: <--- This is the name of a shop, used in places such as '/token shop <name>'. A shop name must be unique!
    #    title: '&6Default Shop' <--- This option is the title of the GUI displayed on the shop open. Title must be unique too, to prevent errors with other shops.
    #    rows: 1 <--- This option is the rows of the shop GUI. It must be set between 1 - 6.
    #    auto-close: true <--- This option decides whether the shop GUI should be automatically closed or not on purchases.
    #    use-permission: false <--- This option decides whether the shop GUI should have a per-permission. If set to true, players must have 'tokenmanager.use.shop.<name>' to open the shop.
    #    items:
    #      '0': <--- This is the slot sets the displayed item's location in the GUI. In this case, the item will display on the first slot.
    #        displayed: 276 1 name:&cGod_Sword sharpness:5 fireaspect:2 lore:&bEliminate_your|&cEnemies&b! <--- This is the item that displays on the slot. Pretty similar with Essentials' item configuring, but some item meta is unsupported.
    #        cost: 10 <--- This sets the token price. Every option followed after will only execute if player have 'cost' amount of tokens.
    #        subshop: yoursubshop <--- [Optional] This decides whether the plugin should open another shop named 'yoursubshop' on purchase. There must be a shop existing with the given name!
    #        message: '&bTM &8» &7Thanks for your purchase, %player%! &c-10 tokens' <--- [Optional] This decides whether the plugin should send a message to the player on purchase. Use %player% placeholder to get the purchaser's name.
    #        commands: <--- This is the commands executed on successful purchase. Use %player% placeholder to get the purchaser's name. Set it as '[]' if you want no commands to execute.
    #        - 'give %player% 276 1 name:&cGod_Sword sharpness:5 fireaspect:2 lore:&bEliminate_your|&cEnemies&b!'
    #  yoursubshop: <--- This is another shop created to test the sub-shop function. It'll open when the player purchases the item above!
    #    title: '&6Default Sub Shop'
    #    rows: 2
    #    auto-close: false
    #    use-permission: false
    #    items:
    #      '1': <--- In this case, this item will display on the second slot of the sub-shop GUI.
    #        displayed: 373:16421 1 name:&dSPlash_Potion_of_Healing
    #        cost: 5
    #        commands:
    #        - 'give %player% 373:16421 1 name:&dSplash_Potion_of_Healing'
    # Finished reading? Great job, now create your own following those instruction!
    # Helpful Links (Used in displayed item's meta):
    # - Enchantment names: http://pastebin.com/0WktGa59
    # (- Example of adding an enchantment to your displayed item -)
    # (displayed: 276 1 sharpness:3 smite:2 unbreaking:3)
    # - Potion effect names: http://pastebin.com/eghUaTuJ
    # (- Example of adding a custom potion effect to your displayed potion item -)
    # (displayed: 373:8258 1 strength:2:200 speed:3:600)
    # (In this case, the item displayed will have Strength II (0:10) and Speed III (0:30).)
    # - Item Ids: http://www.minecraftinfo.com/idlist.htm
    # [*]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[*]

        title: '&9&lEarn tokens by voting'
        rows: 2
        auto-close: true
        use-permission: false
            displayed: 138 1 name:&dBeacon lore:&dCost:&a_80_Tokens
            cost: 50
            - 'give %player% 138 1'
            displayed: 383:50 1 name:&dCreeper_Egg lore:&dCost:&a_50_Tokens
            cost: 50
            - 'give %player% 383:50 1'
    #114 Citrus, Mar 19, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2016
  15. It was probably the request limit set by mojang server, shouldn't be a problem after 10-15 minutes.

    When I use your shop configuration, it works fine. Not really sure what the issue is, but I'll look into it. Thank you for reporting, but I recommend PMing me next time.
  16. Add a feature so you can actually change the /tokens command to something else of your choice?
  17. Why does this plugin check minecraft.net so often? Also, does it work for bungee networks where servers are offline?
  18. It should be working on bungee servers as long as 'bungeecord' is set to true in spigot.yml.
  19. Here is a more detailed error, it connects to mysql fine, works for a few minutes, disconnects, works for another few minutes and disconnects again. http://hastebin.com/hebipatigi.vbs
  20. What is command for editting and creating new shop? Can I do that via GUI, some commands or I need to edit yml?