Spigot TomaHawk [1.10.x] 3.3

Abilities to throw axe with fun animation and effect

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    TomaHawk - Abilities to throw axe with fun animation and effect

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  2. samczsun


    The amount of code in this plugin that hasn't been given credit is amazing.

    The entire event and projectile packages are all copy/paste from here (along with TypedRunnable, ReflectionUtil, and Particles):


    That's like 87% of your entire plugin is a library
  3. you find it with yourself it's a free library! i think it's not your problem.
    Please make constructive comments to help me improve the plugin it's better ;)
    it's a free enjoy
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  4. I think that's not the nicest way to react to a constructive critic. What he tells you is you're using code without giving proper credit, and over that, I think it would be better if you implemented your plugin as an addon for the original lib you have taken.

    That way your plugin would be smaller, and people with the original library already installed may avoid possible conflicts generated by using the same plugin twice. (or 1.78 times) :p
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  5. jtaylor69

    jtaylor69 Retired Moderator

    Please try to be civil when posting please :)
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    Animation improved

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  7. samczsun



    Replace this line

    Code (Text):


    Code (Text):

    if (item.getAmount() == 1) {
    } else {
      item.setAmount(item.getAmount() - 1);
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  8. I love this plugin but there is a bug (If you have more than one tomahawk or axe all of them get removed)
  9. YES! I can finally 360 no scope cross map throwing knife to the toe!
    Cool plugin though.
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    Bug Fix

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  11. Make it "steal" proof. So that only the player which threw it can pick it up (nvm that implemented already), the "Can only use every X seconds" so it updates, be able to re-name the item and give it extra enchantments, and ability to do /tmgive {user}. - Great features which we be very useful to have added. :)
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  12. xxtreepuncherxx


    Great plugin idea, something I wanted for a long time. There is a small issue. If you change: SoundProjectileOnHitEntity: WOLF_HOWL from WOLF_HOWL to anything else, you will not get back your axe after thrown. I thought I was just doing something wrong at first, but got it to stop working properly every time I tried to change that howl sound. Can anyone else confirm?
  13. thanks good idea but it's not the best idea, I already fixed that with a better way.


    "Can only use every X seconds" -- > you can change this message from the config.
    Other features are well . maybe will be implemented

    will fix that in the next uptade :)
  14. Is there currently a way to remove the sound entirely (say, by setting it to "none")? If not, could that be added?
  15. I too would like this if possible, when there are more than one or two of you the "scream" sound effect is a bit annoying
  16. great plugin, simple to use !

    One limitation is about tmgive ! Could you /tpgive <player> <quantity> like /give cmd ?
  17. Normal players dont do damage, even with perms.
  18. Not working with latest spigott 1.8 (last update)
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  19. Is it not possible give Item to player from console?