Tomorrow is the day?

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  1. According to gamepedia, MC 1.13 is coming out tomorrow.
    Is the SpigotMC community ready for the update? :D
    I made an image in 98 seconds with MS paint for the occasion:

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  2. MiniDigger


    Idk, are you ready? I am ready for sure!
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  4. Now we are asking the real questions.
  5. We all know a new Minecraft isn't really released until Optifine is released for that Minecraft version

    cries in low fps
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  6. can anybody explain me why is it that optifine is so wanted
  7. It seems that in 2018, people are still trying to run Minecraft on potatoes.
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  8. I thought my post kinda gave the point of Optifine (even if it was just a joke): Boosting your FPS.

    While the newer MC versions are more optimized than the earlier versions, it still gives some performance improvements for some older computers, of course, my computer can run vanilla without any issues with the same FPS as what I get with Optifine, but Optifine also has some nice features like a zoom hotkey (good for taking screenshots without fumbling with FOV), shaders, improvements for resource packs (custom skybox, etc) and a lot of other features.

    ...of course, there is also some people that only use Optifine because they donated so they have a custom cape. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. For me it's just the zoom ability, shaders and resource pack improvements. The performance and other additional settings (bigger screenshots for example) are nice to have, but not the main reason I use Optifine.

    Edit: And dynamic lights! Being able to hold a torch in offhand and have a light source update around you in real time is soo good.
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  10. MiniDigger


    I mean, optifine reduces fps on my machine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I only use it for shaders (to absolutely ruin my fps :D)

    generally I would guess that thanks to lwjgl3 a) performance will be generally better for many users (its the case for me) and b) the optifine update will take quite some time.
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  11. minecraft7net


    tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow :)
  12. We all need to press C and zoom in.
    EDIT: I also like my optifine cape.
  13. clip


    Heck yes I'm ready. Thanks to mt5 in the spigot team I was able to get a jump start on preparing updates for all my plugins so I'm very appreciative of that. Of course I don't expect to see tons of production servers running 1. 13 tomorrow but I am happy to finally see it be released..
  14. I made a few VERY basic plugins that are text based, will I need to remake them?
  15. MiniDigger


    100% depends on the plugins. just try it out? you will not need to remake anything, just update the parts where you need to use the new api.
  16. how can I test them?
  17. I'm surprised no one mentioned connected textures, better grass, dynamicLights feature, and most importantly the dynamicFoV toggle. (as well as some niceties like fog start and cloud height)

    As for the original question: I don't think even Mojang is ready for 1.13.
  18. OOF
  19. MiniDigger


    Use spigots preview build to make a server
  20. Where do I find that?