Tons of arrows lately

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  1. Hello,

    Not sure if its just on my server, but I've been noticing a lot of arrows around the entire map. Every couple of days, I must remove them to lower the entity count. When I say a lot, I mean 3000-6000 arrows.

    Does anybody know if anything changed recently? I have never had this problem up until 1.6. I'm trying to think if players are doing this, but 3-6k arrows? Something else must be causing this.

    Anybody can guess? I have no clue lol.
  2. Do you have arrows at the location 0,0,0?

  3. No, why? I will have to check the next time I get an entityarrow error in the console for the exact cords.
  4. Actually, I just got one at 0,0:

    WARNING Entity is at NaN,NaN (chunk 0,0) but was stored in chunk 94,19
    WARNING Wrong location for EntityArrow['arrow'/25086386, l='MainMap', x=NaN, y=NaN, z=NaN] in world 'MainMap'!

    Is there a reason that this is happening at 0,0?

  5. No idea there's a few threads about it though, I think regenerating the chunk fixes it

  6. Oh sorry, I didn't see any of the threads. If I did, I wouldn't have posted this.
    Thank you for answering!
  7. No, regenerating chunk won't fix this.

    This happens because of chairs plugins.
  8. Oh the chairs plugin that's not even installed on my server?
  9. Do you have craftbook?

    Actually this doesn't matter. Any plugin that spawns arrow with velocity 0 0 0 can be a reason for this to happen.

  10. Yeah, I have Craftbook with the chair feature enabled. But what does chairs have to do with arrows if I may ask? lol
  11. LiLChris

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    Has nothing to do with chairs/craftbook as I had never installed either on any of my servers but have had this issue.

    Why does it happen? No idea...
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  12. Something spawns the arrow with velocity 0 0 0.

    In most cases it is chairs plugins, but it can be any other plugin.
    Chairs plugins uses arrows for player to sit.