Tons of chunks loaded despite no players

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  1. I didn't know what subforum to put this in, sorry

    I did /lag and got this -
    [15:24:00 INFO]: Uptime: 15 hours 39 minutes 33 seconds
    [15:24:00 INFO]: Current TPS = 19.97
    [15:24:00 INFO]: Maximum memory: 4,096 MB.
    [15:24:00 INFO]: Allocated memory: 1,159 MB.
    [15:24:00 INFO]: Free memory: 79 MB.
    [15:24:00 INFO]: World "world": 425 chunks, 220 entities, 1,524 tiles.
    [15:24:00 INFO]: Nether "world_nether": 256 chunks, 5 entities, 7 tiles.
    [15:24:00 INFO]: The End "world_the_end": 256 chunks, 0 entities, 21 tiles.
    [15:24:00 INFO]: World "world_test": 256 chunks, 4 entities, 739 tiles.

    Question is why are so many tiles / chunks loaded in worlds if nobodies on? world_test is our world for building things - the normal world is.. the normal world for our factions server.

    Also why so many entities? Nobodies on.. Why would there be entities?
  2. What Plugin is /lag from? Perhaps its the error.
  3. Essentiallsx I'm pretty sure. Someone told me that if I had essentials installed I could do /lag to get some readings
  4. DavidDevelops


    unsure but doesnt chunks stay loaded? unless the server is restarted or reloaded? and "so many entitys" Its only 4? Perhaps you have npcs loading chunks or a plugin doing so,
  5. Not sure either but I think Java GC will do it's job if it needs that memory, but since no one is on it's unnecessary to clean all that.
  6. [15:24:00 INFO]: World "world": 425 chunks, 220 entities, 1,524 tiles
  7. DavidDevelops


    AH sorry thought you meant "World_Test", Not sure if its fixed but some mobstacker plugins keep entitys loaded, not sure what one do you use any?
  8. Nope, I don't use any mob-stacking plugins
  9. Ah, makes sense comrade.

    Turned that setting off for all worlds except the over-world. Thanks.

    Also, side question, most of the 'entities' at my spawn are item frames and holographic displays. That wouldn't ruin RAM / CPU usage or anything a lot, right
  10. I was once told that item frames and pictures are very laggy...Not really sure how true it is.