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  1. I've run multiple servers and all of them have done fairly well. Over the past 2 years, I haven't made any servers and kind of went out of the Minecraft scene. After coming back, I've seen a lot has happened regarding servers in general, game aspects, and of course the EULA.

    I'm wanting to create a server again. I've always been great at them, and have a full plan of unique one of a kind features for a Factions server that have never been seen, or are hardly used. My main question is, Is it a good idea to make the server at this time due to the major changes in servers in the past 2 years.

    What are new challenges that I would have to over-come, and is it even worth investing my money into? I know the server will do great, just worried about if the recent changes have affected servers in a big way. Any advise is appreciated.

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    It already is, servers that don't comply get blacklisted.
  4. You do not need to rely on donations.

    The EULA forbids Pay2Win purchases - anything that gives any sort of gameplay/practical benefits to a single player.
    Server-wide perks/buffs and cosmetics are allowed.
    The rule is that all players on the server need to be able to receive the benefits of a gameplay-changing purchase, but it is fairly vague - it can be applied on login, applied by visiting a public location, a command, ect.
    There is plenty of room for smart, player-friendly monetization, enough to support a server with.