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  1. Hi. I would like to know how networks like can handle single servers with 500 players in it. Do you have any idea? Is a good CPU enough? A lot of gb of ram? 500 players are a lot on a single server.

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  2. latiku


    Need a good CPU and proper optimization. RAM isn't the most essential thing for hosting a large player base
  3. I've gotten 300 players stable on a single spigot instance using just a xeon E3 1245v2 from ovh you just have to optimize the hell out of any plugins and configs you can
  4. Do /timings on

    After some minutes of playing on your server

    Do /timings paste

    Click on the link and send it here
  5. GaIaxy


    He's not wanting to optimize his server because of lag reasons, he's wondering how other networks do it.

    I don't believe that big networks paste timings here; they usually figure them out.
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  6. They either own the dedicated server they need, or they rent it expensively. Try asking some of the pros on here