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Too much thunder

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by ams2990, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Players hear thunder CONSTANTLY. I think the sounds are not properly being limited to a certain number of chunks away from where they are being generated.
  2. Thunder is heard everywhere throughout the server, been like this forever, didn't realize till now that this is probably an issue. :p
  3. You can disable or low your thunder probability in your bukkit.yml file.

    Code (Text):
        chance: 5
        lightning-delay: 10
        lightning-random-delay: 20
        chance: 15
        lightning-delay: 40
        lightning-random-delay: 150
        chance: 30
        lightning-delay: 60
        lightning-random-delay: 250
        chance: 50
        lightning-delay: 100
        lightning-random-delay: 500
        chance: 75
        lightning-delay: 300
        lightning-random-delay: 1000
        chance: 100
        lightning-delay: 500
        lightning-random-delay: 2000
  4. I don't want to lower the probability of a thunderstorm happening. I want to decrease the "one thunderclap per second" behavior, which I STRONGLY suspect is a bug.
  5. The "one thunderclap per second" behavior is probably from the strong-electrical storm...
    1. It might not happen all the time but 5% chance means it could so 0 means it can't
    2 The lightning-random-delay in this type of storm is 20 (i'm guessing that's in ticks so 1 /sec.)

    Hope you're understanding you can still have storms but modify it how you want it... The default settings are a bit harsh for most.
  6. Right, but everyone on a 10000x10000 block server hears each and every thunderclap. Unless "lightning-random-delay" generates one lightning strike per loaded chunk, something's up.