[TOOL][Spigot] Spigot Tools, set of tools for Spigot server administrators

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  1. Spigot Tools
    Set of tools for Spigot server administrators.

    Currently includes spigot-builder, spigot-reset and spigot-start.

    It isn't much for now but more will be added in future!

    Note: These tools are designed for Linux distributions running bash as the default shell.

    If you want to use them on Windows you can use WSL.

    • Git
    • Java 8
    Download the installer with the following command:

    $ wget -O st-installer https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Muda42/Spigot-Tools/master/st-installer

    Then run it like this:

    $ sh st-installer

    • spigot-builder | Frontend for BuildTools, builds and installs Spigot into ~/spigot-server
    • spigot-reset | Resets your Spigot server (only keeps server.jar and eula.txt)
    • spigot-start | Starts your Spigot server
    The source code is licensed under the MIT License and can be found here