Top 3 VPS/Dedi Hosting Companies

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    This is a casual, informal poll. I’m curious as to what you guys think is the best these days. When I owned servers a while back it was OVH but these days I see them rarely listed. Please name your favorite ones that have excellent quality per dollar output.
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  2. tbh only OVH is the company which you can trust, i have been with them for 8 months, 100% uptime, any problem.... all those reseller company are cheap shit, u get what you pay...
  3. I use both Hetzner and OVH, can't say I have a problem with either. I personally like Hetzner as it is close to my location. ^^
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    People have been hyping Bisect, why? What other hosts are commonly considered elite or popular these days?
  5. Hetzner:

    Pretty much the best not-too expensive dedi hosts nowadays.

    Heimsnet just resold hetzner dedis, for a heftier price and not really added benefit lol
  6. ExtraVM has a good reputation. The Spigot test server is on Linode.
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    Why would you choose Bisect over OVH? What other companies are consider top these days?
  8. Of course OVH
  9. Hetzner - best price to performance IMO but only available in Europe. Average 40ms ping to UK and 100-200ms ping to US depending on where you are.

    OVH or OVH US - highest quality network, superior DDoS protection with 4Tbps mitigation capacity and great price to perf ratio.

    ReliableSite and PhoenixNAP are a couple of other US providers with great pricing and DDoS protection but their networks aren't as established as the big providers such as OVH.
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    Mmm, seems OVH is still king then, and just a provider named Bisect got a bit popular for ez-setup types.. I am happy.
  11. I've had horrible network problems with OVH. So bad I moved my server from OVH to Colocrossing.

    OVH would route traffic from Montreal to New Jersey via Texas!
    Montreal - Chicago - Dallas - Houston - Washington DC - NYC - NJ

    Montreal to NJ is only 325 mi (500 km), but OVH's route was 3100 mi (5000 km)! That combined with peak-period ping times exceeding 90 msec (should be 20 msec) and I just gave up on OVH.
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    ??? How does something like this happen? OVH doesn't even have servers hosted in Texas?
  13. That sort of issue is very infrequent and should be resolvable by sending an MTR or something of the likes to OVH support.

    It's the external routing that OVH and their ISPs use... e.g. a server in Germany might be routed to the UK via France.
  14. OVH's internal network goes down to Dallas, Texas. For some reason, OVH thought my traffic should go 1550 miles (2500 km) down to Dallas and enter the general Internet there, instead of directing it to the OVH node 30 miles (50 km) from my house.

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  15. OVH doesn't have servers in Texas but they have network PoP's all over the world in major interconnection hubs (including Dallas, TX) to facilitate peering.

    Routing anomalies can happen when links go down (either for maintenance or other issues), or can be due to bad routing policy design. Due to the size of the internet, it's infeasible for any network to validate every single prefix to make sure it's taking the shortest path. If the issue doesn't resolve itself within a few hours, I'm sure they could make a manual adjustment if you reach out to their support.
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  16. It went on for weeks. I finally couldn't take it any more and switched to Colocrossing to get away from OVH's screwy network. Routing has been flawless since then.

    It was taking this screwy routing within OVH's network.
  17. Did you ever contact OVH w/ logs re. this issue?
  18. I was not the OVH customer, as I was paying for a shared Minecraft host. I sent OVH a Twitter message; they didn't care. My host said they couldn't contact OVH about it.