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  1. Hello,

    I'm Jamie from Top100RSPS ( we are a new toplist network and community, we currently only have a RSPS based toplist however within the next coming few months our Minecraft branch will open. I'm here today to recruit some dedicated members that will help this community grow because of course the competition is pretty tight with the Minecraft toplist scene. We currently have a decent amount of unique features on our RSPS branch which we will be taking over to the Minecraft toplist. Anyway below is what we are looking for:

    - Minecraft server Owners to partner with us. (4/UNLIMITED)
    - Dedicated and loyal members. N/A
    - A few investors that will gain some unique benefits only obtainable now. (1/3)
    - A few helpers, these are people who are respected within the community and can help other people in our community. (0/3)

    Contact me via PM.

    Kind regards,
    Jamie / Top100Central
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  2. What are the benefits of partnering with you? For both parties; both you and I?
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  3. This is my guess;

    * The money from advertisments
    * Publicity
    * What kind of benefits do you get from a voting website?
  4. Well for us it get's our name out there faster which is always good, for server owners your get a unique award for supporting us within the first month of opening; then you can never get it again on that toplist, also when buying advertisements early you gain lifetime discounts. If you have anymore questions message me.
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  5. Thanks for trying to help.
  6. I was pretty spot on. You have advertisements as seen in the first spoiler, so you'll be making money per/view on the website.

    You also didn't name what the benefit actually was
    You said you get a 'unique award' for all we know you'll mail us a sticker or something. You also state when buying advertisements you gain a life time discount, a discount to what? Buying more advertisements? Again, benefits you, and not the owners.
  7. That is private advertisement on that other toplist, also all this information will be discussed upon a deal being made.
  8. I'd like to know before I waste my time talking to someone to find out that I wasted an hour of my time.