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  1. Hi!
    So I made a Terms and Conditions generator for Spigot Coders.
    You can set various options:
    • Plugin reselling
    • Plugin redistribution
    • Plugin decopiling
    • Refounding
    • Can install in more than 1 server
    • (request more)
    You can generate a TOS by free here:
    Enjoy and happy coding!
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  2. Would be useful without spelling errors. Otherwise, seems useful.
  3. Report me the seplling errors :p Im spanish xD
  4. Ok,

    The java file ("plugin") named "PLUGIN_NAME" is full property of USER and protected under copyright United State copyright laws. The author doens'tsn't allow the total or partial redistribution of this plugin. Also the author doens'tsn't allow any decompilation and modification of the code. The final user cannot resell or make money of any form with total or partial code or resources from this plugin. The final user is allowed to install this plugin ion more than one server. The final user is also (NOTE TO DEV), add "also" only if "install on multiple servers is set" allowed to do refounds ion PayPal anytime. By downloading this plugin you accept this TOS.
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  5. Fixed :D
  6. Thanks! :D
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  7. There is an "e" in "doesn't"
    You wrote "dosn't"
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  8. I browse the resource section fairly often and there are sometimes people who have the most ludicrous terms for their plugin. So even if it's licensed under GPL, most people don't give a crap, and they aren't being punished
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  9. Oh my, there are many, many problems with this.
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  10. Spigot and Bukkit are GPL, but your own code is your own.. there are legal complications to packaging it with NMS code, probably, but a licence still carries weight - especially for your own personal code.
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  11. Technically all plugins should be GPL. As the GPL requires that all code deriving from the licensed program be GPL as well.
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  12. Depends, does using an API without modifying or including any of the code count as deriving?

    If so, all java programs would have to be open source, since java itself is open source, right?
  13. Open source isn't a license.
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  14. As per tldrlegal: All code linked with GPL 3.0 source code must be disclosed under a GPL 3.0 compatible license.
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  15. That's an attitude that gets banned. My attitude is make my own version, I don't need to follow their license if I don't buy it!
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  16. Have fun getting banned from Spigot and access to the premium resource you paid for revoked. ^_^
  17. You are paying to use it under the license that author specifies. If you were to adopt this philosphy in the real world when larger amounts of money are at played you could very possibly be sued (see google vs oracle)
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  18. Oh, you'll see. You've been reported for admitting to pirating plugins and breaking TOS contracts. ^_^