Spigot TotemEffect 1.3

Display Entity Effect Totem Of Udying

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    TotemEffect - Totem

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  2. [​IMG]
    Console spaming when i use command
    my ver: 1.11.2
  3. v1.12 is the same
  4. Can you test it? I just tested on 1.12.2 and it work fine.
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  5. 1.12 is good now! but , is that support 1.11.2 ?
  6. Hello this is what I am looking for,

    It works on 1.16.+ but my wants are missing :( so I'll ask it here.

    1. Disable Sound
    Would be nice if we can disable playing the sound. I'd recommend /totemeffect false

    2. CustomModelData
    Please add a feature that we can choose a CustomModelData of the totem to play. Maybe /totemeffect true 2

    Command structure:
    /totemeffect <playsound: true, false> <custommodeldata: #>

    /totemeffectsend <player> <playsound: true, false> <custommodeldata: #>